Saturday, 8 December 2012

All I Want For Christmas

     With the new year just around the corner no doubt you are beginning to get those pesky emails or phone calls from family members requesting for the list. The enchanting yet seemingly impossible holiday wish list. We all have items in mind for majority of the year, but once the month of December arrives, our minds blank, or at least that's how it is with my family. Here are some quick suggestions for tea-related gift ideas.
      Obviously actual tea would be nice but if you are going to buy tea how about an assortment of different types done up in a nice little gift basket. I received one of those from my aunt last Christmas and I absolutely loved it.
        Mugs are also a great gift idea and there are many different ways to go. Local craft stores or gift shops sell speciality mugs with hand painted designs on them. Some ceramic mugs can even be personalised at certain engraving shops or printing companies. Travel mugs also come in handy, whether it be a fancy loose leaf mug with a built in steeper or just a Walmart brand acting as a stocking stuffer.
       Tea pot sets can be a very elegant gift, or you can go for those goofy tea infusers like "The Sharky" or "Mr. Tea." Tools like tea timers or tea thermometers can be nifty presents for those who take their tea making seriously. And if you're willing to go big, a Keurig or Tassimo hot beverage machine can definitely come in handy. I myself have a Keurig and I use it to make instant tea in under ten seconds, it also doubles as a water boiler for those tired of time consuming kettles.
     Hope these quick suggestions can help you with your shopping this winter. And who knows, maybe you've found some new additions to your own wish list. Happy Shopping!



  1. Hi Sarah!
    I read your last two posts. Loved your suggestions for presents. My kids coincidentally (two of the boys) both bought their Oma a teapot for Christmas. Hilarious as they she opened one after the other. I guess that is what gets for a grandma....although that is a stereotype. She shops at Forever 21 and wears tops from H&M.

    I wanted to ask about milk in tea. I always drank tea with milk but now that there are so many different types, I would think that it would be taboo to add milk to some of them. Are there guidelines to that?

    Hope you have a TEArrific Christmas. :) Ms. Morton

  2. Milk in tea is totally fine! I personally love milk in a chai or a dessert style black tea, it tends to bring out the flavors. I'm not quite sure if adding milk in a green or white tea would be a great idea however, because they have such a light taste to it, the milk might flush it out in a sense. But my no means are there 'guidlines' whatever floats your boat!

    And wow you're kids have a cool grandma, mine doesn't even like tea!


  3. Cute! Thanks for the milk tip. I will enjoy milk in my tea without feeling self conscious aobut it ...tee hee. Enjoy your holidays. Ms. Morton