Wednesday, 12 December 2012


     Have you ever had a moment of total relaxation? A moment when your mind dulls and you focus simply on your five senses rather than the piling stress? I experienced one last night, and surprise, surprise, it involved tea.
    I had just finished a hectic night of volleyball and basketball games, hours of English homework, and to top it all off, I had to be at the school for 7am practise. I had just showered and my mind was still racing from the crazy day, I needed a way to cool down.
     So I brewed myself a cup of smooth chamomile tea, grabbed my book and went to go curl up in bed. I lit a candle and turned off all my lights. But before flicking on my book light I just sat there, staring at the dancing flame, smelling the falsified scent of a pacific ocean breeze.
     I put my book down, folding my legs in front of me on the mattress and cupped the mug with both hands. I sat there hunched over, sipping my chamomile with my eyes closed, occasionally glancing at the hypnotising candle for what felt like either a minute or an hour.
      I forgot about how sore my legs were, how little sleep I would get that night, how tough the day's math test was, and simply focused on the little things. The pattern of the fire, the smell of the ocean, the warmth in my hands and the soothing taste of my tea. I was in a trance.
     So my advice for the day, is take the time to notice the little things, enjoy the bits and pieces we take for granted, like how beautiful a candle is, or how delicate a cup of chamomile can be.


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