Monday, 12 November 2012

Happy Birthday!

     Friday was my seventeenth birthday and a few of my friends came over to celebrate. All week I've been getting the same question: "What do you want for your birthday?" Simple; books and tea. And that's exactly what I got.
     In total I got around 400grams of loose leaf tea from Teavana. Plus a travel mug made out of recycled material and a loose leaf steeper. But this was no ordinary steeper, no my friends are far more creative than that. For my birthday I received a Tea-rex, a silicon green dinosaur with an opening for tea leaves.
     The night of my get-together, I tried once more to convert my friends into tea drinkers. There is one other girl in my group who appreciates tea but the others are complete rookies. I made them smell all the tea and took orders. Then I got busy making six cups of tea.
     The results were predictable and I failed as a sales person. A few managed to get through the mug but when they left I had to (painfully) dump half full cups of cold tea down the sink. The verdict was that tea didn't have enough flavour which I suppose could be my fault. If I had added more leaves the taste would've been brought out. I guess I was just getting greedy with my leaves.
     But in summary I had a good weekend and tasted a bunch of new tea.


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