Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Blooming Tea

Ever had the odd desire to drink a flower? With blooming teas you can!

    Blooming teas are handcrafted bundles of dried tea leaves that when added to water will bloom like a natural flower. The 'flower' can then be steeped two to three times after that. They come in a variety of different flavors, in all tea categories. I particularly love my blueberry green blooming tea. 
     Though the taste of the tea is important, with these it's their appearance that makes them special. To me it's a crime to steep a blooming tea in anything but a glass teapot. When I brew a cup with a blooming tea flower I sit with my face planted in front of the teapot and gawk innocently as it delicately unfolds. Definitely something to see.
     Blooming teas are commonly found in your local tea store like Teavana, or Davids tea. It also can be purchased online at various websites like and Special glass teapots with a flower holding spot can also be found in the same places. 
    So if you are interested, check them out! They taste and look amazing. And if you're not interested in drinking them, maybe just put a few out on display for elegant home decor! If you have any questions or comments about blooming tea leave a comment on this post, or if you don't have a blogger account, contact me on twitter @sarahcollie49 


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