Thursday, 14 February 2013

Tea Lattes

     Lattes; the hip new drink surging with caffeine and coolness. Carried by everyone from high-strung workaholics with blue-tooths, to easy going artists with matted hair and hemp bracelets. But did you know that this revolutionary new drink is also available in tea? Yes, tea drinkers like us can be just as cool as those mainstream "coffee people".
     Though tea lattes are not as common as ones made with espresso, there are a lot of places that do sell them. Popular brands such as Starbucks, Tim Hortons and Second Cup all serve tea lattes along with lesser known tea places like Teavana and David's Tea.
     But now what exactly is a tea latte? To put it bluntly it is a strong tea with frothed milk. But by adding various sweeteners or unique milks you can sculpt a delicious concoction that will linger on your lips for longer than an instant.
     There are many different recipies for tea lattes. The most common one is the simple Chai Latte. With the spicy spark of chai coupled with a delicate hint of creamy foam there is no question why it is a favorite for most. I personally find that Starbucks makes the best Chai Latte. Rather than double-steeped tea they use a concentrated Chai Mix that is available for purchase in Starbucks or choice grocery stores.
     Other tea lattes that are worth a try are London Fog - an Earl Grey tea with vanilla syrup, Red Velvet - a vanilla rooibos with raspberry syrup, Dirty Chai - a mix between Chocolate and Chai tea. But really any tea can be made into a latte. There are endless combinations waiting for you to try. Personally I love a Chocolate tea with vanilla soy milk froth. Don't be afraid to try new things. Happy experimenting!


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