Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Morning Pick Me Up

     I try to drink a cup of tea every morning. Like what coffee is to most people, tea is for me. It's my waker upper, my morning caffeine dose, part of my routine. I know tea isn't exactly known for its high levels of caffeine, but you'd be surprised on how much. Obviously teas such as white tea, herbal tea and roobios all have little to no caffeine in them. But certain green teas, oolongs and black teas have enough caffeine in them to open my eyes a little wider. Also there is a certain type of tea sold at Teavana called maté that contains 100% of the caffeine found in coffee.
     Because I wake up so late for school I rarely have time to sit down and sip on a hot cup of tea. So most mornings my tea is enjoyed at school, at my desk in my first period class. I have a special Teaopia mug that I got for my 16th birthday. It's bright orange, has a rubber top, an in cup strainer for leaves and no handles. It also has a picture of a person meditating with a teacup on the side. Beacause of my time deprived morning routine I don't have time to waste steeping my tea, so the in cup strainer is really useful. I usually prefer a chai, earl grey or any other black teas for my early morning, most likely with vanilla skim milk and if I'm really sleepy, a tablespoon of white sugar.


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