Friday, 26 October 2012


    Every teenager has a favourite store at their local mall. Whether it be American Eagle, Cinnabon or Coles. I visit my favourite place at least once a week, sometimes it being the only store I enter that trip. This store is currently titled Teavana, a quality loose leaf store where you can purchase a cup or a bag of tea as well as nifty teaware.
    Now Teavana is still new to me. A few months back it went by a different name, a name that became a regular addition to my everyday vocabulary. The store used to be called Teopia. It was Teaopia that really got me hooked on tea about two years ago. But last January the small Canadian company was bought out by a larger American one with a similar goal.
    The Teaopia I grew to love slowly morphed into the strange new Teavana that I've heard all about. I was nervous at first because Teaopia had become a common hangout for me. I knew all of the employees and they all knew me. We'd talk and laugh about how many teas on the wall I had tried. And it was unsettling that I wouldn't get to finish "the wall" that I worked so hard to taste.
    But eventually the transformation went through and in that giant space next to the fountain a new store appeared. But I grew to love Teavana. The familiar orange and black turned into earthy green and humble pink. The teas are different but equally as tasty. All the employees are the exact same people, and it even has its own tea wall!
    Change is always scary but once you accept it you can find some positive perks.


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